May 13th, 2009

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Link Harvest: EU Parliment Approves Telecom Reform

The hold up is that the Council of Telecom Ministers, which represents the member governments, insists on a "three strikes" policy of cutting off broadband access if the ISP gets three complaints from an IP holder of IP infringement by a user. Note that the IP rights holder does not have to prove anything or get a court order. It is enough under the proposed three strikes policy that the ISP receives three complaints.

The European Parliament rejected the "3 Strikes" proposal by the Telecom Ministers, who refused to remove it, prompting the current showdown.
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Link Harvest: Access for Community Broadband, and Econ Benefits

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GOP Hardliners Utterly Intent on Full Self-Destruction

According to this article in Politico, the RNC have called a special meeting where they will debate a resolution calling the Democratic Party "The Democrat Socialist Party."

I like the double insult, because the second is subtle. It's like the difference between Trekkies and Trekkers. Many hardcore Democrats -- especially when they were out of power and more sensitive -- were annoyed when people referred to their party as the "Democrat party" rather than the "Democratic Party."

Whether hardliners actually get this resolution passed or not, they do seem intent on opening themselves up for every increasing ridicule and driving away the moderate Rs like Snowe and Collins. Happily for them, the manstream media still have pre-2006 reflexes. I saw this via the Indecision2000 blog.
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Epic Credit Card Fail Comming

Long in the making, the ridiculously high level of credit card debts is now triggering record defaults. This is finally reaching disaster proportions, as demonstrated by this piece on Advanta shutting down its credit lines.

Now is an excellent time to dump your stocks to cash in on the Bear Market rally.

The annoying thing is that the upcoming credit card collapse will be blamed on the credit card reform bill. The reality is that we needed this credit card practices reform 10 years ago when it could have done some good. Instead, as with the lending industry, we let these companies gorge themselves and place our entire economy at risk.

We desperately need to revise personal bankruptcy so that we can get a handle on the mortgage and credit card debt fiasco. The refusal of the financial interests to go along with this is yet one more demonstration of how "the market" so rarely knows what it needs in the long term.
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One last epic fail.

OK, I've been Posty McPostalot today, but this last just really got me.

Apparently, we are having problems with our "maximum security prisons." Prisoners are running drug rings, engineering hits against witnesses, and having gourmet meals of shrimp scampi delivered along with fine cuban cigars and Krystal champagne.

The proposed solution: legalize cell phone jammers.

Because, of course, the problem is not that prisoners in maximum security prisons can get cell phones in the first place. It is that once they get them, we can't jam them.

I just blogged about this here, including why this is a really, really bad idea.

Mind you, I understand why Prison Wardens would like to push the idea that the problem is the lack of cell phone jammers rather than the fact that the maximum security prison they are running is as porous as Swiss cheese. I also understand why CellAntenna is pushing this. What boggles my mind is that none of the members of Congress who are supporting this bill are holding a hearing on "why the $#@! can prisoners get access to cell phones in our 'maximum security' prisons!"