June 7th, 2009

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Totally Adicted To Pastry Oven

Which is a very expensive dinner habit. But a good kosher restaurant in the area is just such a priceless (well, rather pricey actually) joy!

And they followed my suggestion on the beet and endive salad! Last time I had the beet and endive salad, I mentioned that while it tasted good, soaking the endive core in the beet juice to make it less bitter and serving it on a red plate gave us red on red on red for a color scheme. This time, they had a racing stripe of endive, walnut, and feta crumbs going down the middle of the beets. Perfect! A delightful color contrast and the bitterness of endive combined with the salty feta and the sweetness of beet -- with the walnuts adding texture and meatiness.

I had the pan-seared trout, served on brown rice with sauted baby carrots and feta crumbles. The feta crumbles were, sadly, not enough to really contribute. But the trout was perfect, with delicious crispy skin and the oil nicely controlled. Becky had the sea bass, which is always good.

Back to work. _sigh_