June 9th, 2009

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In which I cannot help but be petty, But only fatlefty Will fully Understand.

Ken Ferree and Barbara Esbin file comments on behalf of themselves, their legacy, and Oh yes! The Progress and Freedom Foundation.
Our policies when we ran the Media Bureau and deregulated broadband were totally right, all evidence you may see to the contrary.

Someday, I hope to get cable companies to subsidize my enormous ego so I can write totally ineffectual filings at the FCC that defend my past record of accomplishments that just about everybody else regards as a major catastrophe.

I'd wondered how they spent the time since Martin left office.
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Broadband is totally Gay, and other strange things out of the FCC National BB Proceeding

Here's how I describe the current FCC proceeding on our national BB plan: Docket No. 09-52 for those of you moved to comment.

"So five years from now, you're having a beer with Barack Obama and saying 'Ya know, if you'd just listened to me on national broadband, we'd have had that problem solved.' So what do you want to be able to say in five years 'Told ya so.'"

Turns out, most people are pretty clueless on this subject. For example, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force decided to say in two pages: broadband is really good, because the blogosphere is totally gay.

Mind you, for the opposite extreme, you can always check out the 300+ page brick submitted by Free Press.

Then of course there's Hi, I'm David McClure of the US Internet Industry Association you may remember me from such comments as "I totally agree with the Bells" and "ILECs are so smart, we should do whatever they say." BTW, did I mention which ISPs are members of the USIIA?

As it happens, I participated in several comment drafting exercises, none of which are up yet.

I so pity the folks at the FCC who will need to read through this stuff.
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National Review blogger Ed Whelan "outs" Obsidian Wings blogger "Publius."

As it happens, I've known Blevins/Publius for some time and am irritated on his behalf. Whelan's motive to "out" him appears to be pure pique. While Lord knows I am certainly quite snarky in my blog persona, it seems to me needless assholery to disclose someone's real name when blogging under a pseudonym for no better reason than you are just looking to fuck him up because he annoys you. Because there really is a difference between telling someone you think their ideas are stupid and going out of your way to make their life more difficult.

Update: Publius says Whelan has apologized and he is moving on. Well, he doesn't need me to stay pissed for him.
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My Weekly Five Minutes of Fame - Harold Feld on the National BB Plan

We are starting a new feature at Public Knowledge called "Five Minutes With Harold Feld," wherein I will take insanely boring complicated wonkery and make it mildly less boring. This week, I explain the National Broadband Plan and the comments PK filed last night.

I confess the editing is painful in spots. Hopefully, I will get better at this as we do it more often. I may also try to brush my hair next time. Or perhaps buy a blue kippah and matching blue tie.
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What I Expect w/Whitacker in the Driver's Seat

Former AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre is taking over GM.

What I expect to see:

From now on, you will no longer be able to buy a GM. You can only lease it, and the dealer can change the terms -- including lease rate -- at any time.

"See, all those family members and friends, they think they can drive in my cars for free. That's crazy. From now on, anytime anyone wants to ride in one of my cars, they pay."

Your speedometer will read 55, although most of the time you will only get up to about 40 and occasionally drop to 30. But sometimes, when you are driving at 2 a.m., your car will inexplicably go at 80.

You will only be able to buy approved accessories. Happily, GM will certify over fifty different truck nuts as compatible with your SUV.

You will be able to download your own horn blast, but it will cost you $5.

GM reserves the right to monitor everywhere you drive so they can sell your information to third parties for marketing.