June 12th, 2009

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Local PArt Time Web Design Job

Subject: FMC Hiring Graphic Designer/Web Coder

Hey there -
FMC is hiring a drupal coder/graphic designer. Would appreciate any help spreading the word.
All best wishes,

Website Project Manager/Graphic Designer

Future of Music Coalition seeks a freelance, part-time graphic designer/website project manager for our conference in October 4-6, 2009

Responsibilities include:

- building/troubleshooting new website functionality using drupal
- maintaining content on new event website using web-based CMS

Graphic Design
- designing handbills, posters, banners, signs, event program and other necessary print pieces for the event
- resizing existing web graphics on an as-needed basis

- Knowledge of QuarkExpress/InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
- Drupal coding experience necessary
- Good design eye (font or color doesn't match, that's not consistent with the other postcard, we forgot to update the time/prices, etc)
- Project management experience, good with follow through/follow up
- Creative problem solver/troubleshooter
- Flexible, organized, detail-oriented individual who can work independently
- Skilled at managing people and expectations
- Telecommuting is totally cool
- We're a mac office FYI

Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Event is Oct 4-6, 2009. You will need to be available June-October on as needed basis. The bulk of the work would probably happen in June/early July and September.

Please send cover letter, resume and links to work samples to jobs@futureofmusic.org. Position is open until filled.

Future of Music Coalition is a national non-profit education, research and advocacy organization that identifies, examines, interprets and translates the challenging issues at the intersection of music, law, technology and policy. FMC achieves this through continuous interaction with its primary constituency - musicians - and in collaboration with other creator/citizen groups.
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And I Know Fewer Experts on Arrogance . . . .

Noah Feldman, defending why arrogant and obnoxious individuals should be on the Surpreme Court.

I would counter with the Rutledge: Salt of the Earth, Conscience of the Court. Or, perhaps more famously, Abraham Lincoln, who remains widely regarded as having tremendous personal character.

Full disclosure: I clerked for John Ferren and Noah Feldman was in my brother's class at Maimonides. I know whose opinion I respect more.

More seriously, there is a trend to think of lack of midot (I shall loosely translate as virtues) as somehow being an element of greatness. This is nonsense. There is a difference between being firm or principled or effective and being a jerk. While it is certainly the case that being a jerk does not disqualify one from being great -- history is full of people who did very important things and were obnoxious and arrogant. But it is hardly a prerequisite, and the belief that somehow irritating behavior produces pearls of greatness is one of the things that makes life less pleasant than it could be.
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Death of a Friend

I have just learned that Libby Beaty, Executive Director of NATOA and someone I've known and worked with for ten years, died today of lung cancer. I'd only just found out yesterday that she had gone critical and was in the hospital.

Damn . . . . .