July 28th, 2009

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Prediction: Thrice Will Conservative Pundits Deny Their Base

The Birther thing is turning into a major loser for Rs, just when the Ds have gone into total self-immolation mode over healthcare. This leads me to predict that over the next several weeks we will see the major conservative pundits that initially embraced the Birthers gradually disengage. This, of course, will not be enough. Gradually, they will somehow find a way to claim they were never embracing the Birther movement and that trying to say they did is evil lying Dems and the horrible conservative media.

This will be done through the usual techniques of ad hominem, microparsing words and phrases mixed with insults, misdirection, and sweeping generalizations, followed by a proclamation of victory/martyrdom, then "moving on" and "refusing to discuss further."