August 12th, 2009

Edumacte Teh Masses

Cass Sunstein Victim of Conspiracy Theories and Weakness of Harry Reid

Cass Sunstein was one of the first nominations of Obama. He was nominated to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs -- an office that is supposed to provide overall guidance on how agencies do regulation.

Sunstein's nomination is still held up, do to the persistent fear that he will undermine gun ownership and make it possible for pets to sue their owners.

What is amusing is that it was the left that greeted Sunstein's nomination with dismay,because Sunstein has urged that regulation be done on the basis of a cost/benefit analysis. i.e., when considering a regulation, one must weigh whether the cost imposed by the regulation outweighs the benefit of the regulation. The concern among progressives is that for the last 30 years, cost/benefit analysis has included only direct economic benefit and generally excluded non-economic benefits. As a result, agency use of "cost/benefit," particularly in the environmental sphere, has become a way of eliminating regulation that imposes cost on businesses but where the economic benefits, such as cleaner skies.
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Show Some Kindness For The Woman on WIC

I found this rather touching.

I am only sorry that for so many of us, we must actually experience the suffering ourselves before we can show sympathy (and often even this is not enough). One of the basic principles of charity in Jewish law is that charity should be done in a way that maintains the dignity of those receiving it. That includes, when seeing one dependent on federal or state aid, trying to show the same courtesy and respect you would to any other shopper.