September 10th, 2009

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Education And Broadband

An odd synchronicity. On September 2, I was at the FCC lamenting that we had no data -- despite 10 years of E-Rate subsidizing broadband to schools -- whether the program had made any difference in educational outcomes. I urged them to get Department of Ed to do a study, and to work with other federal agencies to measure the impacts of BB.

On September 4 the Department of Education released this study examining the impact of broadband access in schools on educational outcomes.

Maybe I should have asked for a grant instead?
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That Whacky California Legislature

What a pity the Daily Show is on break at the moment. Because it just doesn't get better than this.
Assemblyman Duvall quits after bragging about affairs with two women.

My favorite piece of the article was this quote:
"Legislators cannot legally sell their vote for sexual favors or other things of value. Misusing the Capitol for improper sexual conduct by a public official also is illegal. Assembly rules do not expressly prohibit sex with lobbyists."

I was pretty sure selling sex for anything was illegal in most jurisdictions. Mind you, it requires me to make a ridiculous legal pun.

"What do you call it when a regulator has unprotected sex with a lobbyist?"

"Acting ultra virus."

It is most humorous for all the admin law folks out there. Trust me.