September 17th, 2009

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New Health Care Anthem: We're #37!

As an old hand in broadband, I'm used to the U.S. having an embarrassing rating, and having it explained to me why that really doesn't matter. Especially as we all know that OECD is a radical left-wing organization that hates freedom and wants to destroy capitalism.

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Link Harvest: TV Everywhere, Waxman Gives FCC NN Hunting License, Others

Disney and Time Warner bicker over who gets to monetize the internet video content. Dance of elephants so rarely good for anyone else.

...and no one can agree on standards.

Actual US broadband speeds shockingly low. Not just compared to Europe, but compared with what is advertised.

What does it mean to train children in digital literacy?

Waxman backs NN bill, but D Chair declines to raise issue at hearing. Will Dems actually go for gusto?