October 22nd, 2009

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Color of Change Backs NN, as does National Hispanic Journalists



Actually, the determining factors among minority/civil rights groups is not money from telecoms/cablecos. It is age of leadership, size of org, and nature of membership. Organizations run by younger leaders, that operate on local or regional levels, and whose membership is more activist in nature are much more likely to support strong NN rules. Orgs with older leaders, that are larger and more established, and whose members are less activist (in that they are no longer out staging protests or otherwise engaged in "confrontation" politics) are more likely to view strong NN rules with suspicion.

Sure, there are some out and out sock puppets and whores. But the demographic trends are more telling. If the members of your org spend their time using Twitter to evade SWAT teams at G-20, you are much more likely to support applying net neutrality to wireless companies.

Note as always, trends not destiny. NOW fits the same profile as NAACP or La Raza, but it has supported NN.