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November 2009 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

04:01 pm: A Good Op Ed On Death and Mourning - 21 comments

06:41 am: Ad Age 8 Things About TV Everywhere - 5 comments
07:50 am: Link Harvest: Stop the Witch Hunt
05:00 pm: Link Harvest: Good Primer on RF Filtering Issue
05:10 pm: Christie Monty Python Clip: Fair Use Or Copyright Theft? - 1 comment
09:12 pm: My Election Prediction For Tomorrow: Lots Stupid, Simplistic Analysis Mostly Wrong. - 5 comments

08:08 am: 60 Minutes Knows who Owns It - 3 comments
05:10 pm: 5 Minutes With Harold Feld: Before the FCC Gives Hollywood a Waiver, Make Them Submit Proof.
06:40 pm: Celia Kang on NBC/Comcast and TV Everywhere - 1 comment
09:25 pm: Things Look good In Maine - 7 comments

05:19 am: Losing Maine: An Elijah Moment For Same Sex Marriage - 39 comments
01:54 pm: The Election 2009 Rorscharch Test
09:55 pm: Small Pox Plague Is Dead, Old King Plague Is Dead - 2 comments

06:20 am: Comcast Broadband Growth Double That of AT&T, VZ, and Qwest Combined
06:28 am: Protest from UTEX that AT&T Is Not Completing Calls
06:45 am: Orwell's classic on the state of the English language - 1 comment
03:40 pm: Once Again, The Content Industry Prediction Of Doom Bombed Big Time - 2 comments
10:10 pm: I Hear News No One else Can Hear - 7 comments

01:17 pm: Apparently, We Are No Longer Indivisible - 4 comments

01:27 pm: Found Filk: Taylor Swift's Monologue Song (la la la)
02:22 pm: More evidence that 2010 will be one of the ugliest elections in memory - 8 comments
03:18 pm: This reminded me of a Star Trek episode - 2 comments

03:56 pm: Murdoch Threatens To Block Google Searches, Kill Fair Use, and CRUSH YOU!!! - 2 comments

07:23 pm: Am I Really The Only One Who Wasn't Into Sesame Street? - 25 comments

08:29 pm: NTIA/RUS BTOP 2nd NOFA RFI - 2 comments
08:38 pm: Remembering those members of my family who served.
08:49 pm: Which Way Will Nervous Democrats Jump? And What Would Happen If Dems Lose Big in 2010? - 7 comments

07:30 am: Another Reason To Require Open Applications - 11 comments

05:21 am: Link Harvest: TV Everywhere, Cell Phone Pricing - 4 comments

03:05 pm: Link Harvest: RFI for BTOP/BIP in Fed Reg - 1 comment
06:17 pm: How Is A Blackberry Like A Prescription Drug? Third Party Payers Warp Prices In Both Markets.
09:14 pm: The Level Of Idiocy Is Just Appalling - 9 comments

05:39 am: What Do Palin and Obama Have In Common?
07:26 am: Link Harvest: Verizon Strikes Right Pose On Copyright Accusations
07:33 am: Israel now only 32nd most corrupt country in world - 7 comments

08:04 am: Gail Colins: The Breast Broohaha - 1 comment
12:34 pm: link Harvest: NBC/Comcast and "Cutting the Chord"
12:43 pm: Link Harvest: It Is Legal To Adverise How Badly Your Rival's Network Sucks.
09:57 pm: From Such Little Acorns . . . . - 7 comments

08:46 am: Random Exegitical Thought --Perhaps Prompted By The Annual Thanksgiving Debate - 5 comments

01:33 pm: Sexism or Habit? - 3 comments

05:59 am: I didn't think police could arrest you for not using Twitter
09:46 am: Link Harvest: Verizon Honest About Why Meter -- Because We Can
12:29 pm: My faith in the filabuster is sorely tested - 7 comments
01:39 pm: Link Harvest: Klemperer on Patent Trolls - 4 comments
03:34 pm: MS and News Corp Prepare To Test the "Content Is King" Hypothesis - 6 comments
04:20 pm: Link Harvest: Why Convention WiFi Sucks - 6 comments
04:27 pm: Link Harvest: More Cluelessness on Telemedicine - 1 comment

05:56 am: Link Harvest: Paid Peering and Net Neutrality
09:11 am: Link Harvest: England to Adopt "3 Strikes" Law? - 4 comments
11:57 am: Link Harvest: Teacher's Guide to World of Warcraft
03:42 pm: I Make the MPAA's Enemies List By Name - 4 comments

12:30 pm: Link Harvest: FCC Gets Out White Spaces Database Management PN
01:00 pm: Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody - 3 comments

09:47 am: Latest Five Minutes w/Harold Feld: MPAA Needs To Hold The Drama. - 4 comments

02:51 pm: Jesse Ventura Silenced by MSNBC in 2003
03:31 pm: Will Adult Apps Stimulate Android Sales? - 3 comments
06:34 pm: Link Harvest: PFF On Clearing Broadcasters