November 18th, 2009

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What Do Palin and Obama Have In Common?

In musing on the latest round of Palin speculation brought on by her book, I was struck by a comparison between Palin and Obama in the ability to attract strong devotion from a certain core element of their party's base despite very little in the way of a governing record and without a compelling new ideological approach. Indeed, both Obama and Palin claim to be returning their parties to fundamental principles (which they say have been lost by those governing) rather than announcing new directions or purposes such as the Great Society or the New Deal.

My preliminary musing is that, in addition to a healthy dollop of personal charisma, both Palin and Obama appeal to that part of their party's base which wants to imagine themselves in the life stories of these individuals. Both represent a particular vision of American success,and how we would like to imagine ourselves to be. The lack of a record makes it possible for supporters to project what they hope to see in this image. It also combines well with the fact that after about 30 or so years of no new or inspiring ideas in politics, people are ready to believe that there must be a better way.
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Link Harvest: Verizon Strikes Right Pose On Copyright Accusations

Verizon is required by the DMCA to do something about accusations of copyright infringement. But whereas most ISPs are bullied into ridiculous extremes, Verizon has stood firm.

Its most recent concession is that VZ and RIAA have now agreed on the form letter to send to customers accused of copyright infringement. I want to stress "accused," which is always part of the debate on this. Having had my own access suspended for several hours for an accusation with no proof, it is important to underscore that Hollywood's much touted technology for recognizing copyright infringement is not nearly so accurate as claimed. and why should it be? There are no consequences to Hollywood for a false positive. It is merely "collateral damage" for the rest of us.
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Israel now only 32nd most corrupt country in world

According to the Tranparency International's Global Corruption Index.

I'm so proud we are achieving the secular Zionist dream of being a middle of the road country like any other, rather than striving to be an exceptional people. This pride is only enhanced by the fact that so much of the contribution to this ranking stems from professedly religious Jews who manage to find an exception to the rules on self-interest and self-dealing that mandate avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.