December 31st, 2009

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New Kosher Place In Rockville

So there is a new restaurant in Rockville near the court house called Pita Hut. I will confess I keep asking "wow, no one is going to sue over that name." More info here although the link to their actual website appears down at the moment.

I went with my friend Dave for lunch. We both got the Jerusalem Grill. It was pretty good. Nicely seasoned and the salatim are made fresh daily. We got lunch counter service, which limited us to the take out/counter menu. They still have a few bugs to work out in the service (one of the guys behind the counter explained his not knowing where anything was with an apologetic "it's my first day.") But it seemed to me all the ingredients for a good restaurant are there. Would like to comeback for dinner in a few weeks and see how they are doing. But definitely urge local folks to give it a try and support something new on the kosher scene.
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Curious and with Insomnia

So why not try that "end of the year meme" where you take the first line of the first post.

Not sure I agree with Chris Bowers assessment that the latest polls showing generic bad news for Ds in 2010 is neutral-to-neutral-good for progressives.

Happily, I seem to be over my short bout with flu-like crud.

Outside of Israel, I'm not sure where I could get an 18 oz black Angus beef steak and steak fries with truffle oil -- let alone at 10 p.m.

The pattern? No naughty words, nothing nasty about Bush, and nothing that competes with Apple or AT&T.

All for now. More later.

After 6 months, it's finally here.

Interesting piece at Wired on the FCC's ability to do warrantless searches for pirate transmitters and sources of interference.

Crap. Of all the justices on the Court, Souter is the one I find myself agreeing with most often (although Bryer runs a close second).

Serves me right for just glancing at this on my way out the door.

I haz new 'puter, but needz wife to set it up. I'm just a guy and don't understand these tech things. Tee hee. Math is hard, lets do policy!

Cannon on stealing wifi

So, how did you use your extra second?
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The Inevitable Avatar Race Debate

Actually, an interesting article When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar. The premise of the author is that Avatar belongs to a species of movie that is the "white race fantasy" of getting to be part of an oppressd group, atoning for the wrongs inflicted on others, and ultimately getting to lead the oppressed group, thus getting rewarded for being so enlightened and making this "accessible" to white people.

I do think the author misunderstands the fundamentals of Dune but that's a side point. Still, I note that Dune is not about Paul Atriedes going native to atone for anything. Paul and his mother Jessica knowingly use a cultural manipulation protocol to hijack a culture and fundamentally alter it. The best Paul gets in escaping guilt is the conviction from his precognition that he was -- despite all evidence to the contrary -- an instrument of destiny than a conscious actor.

But as I say, this is a side point. The essay is well written and provocative.

I should add as a matter of full disclosure that my own "race fantasy" movies are more in line with Inglorious Basterds.