February 9th, 2010

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Bracing for Son of Snowpocalypse!

Sequels never play as well as the originals, especially when they are remakes. This bears a remarkable similarity to me of the "furlough storm" of January 1996, which also had an "aftershock" follow up storm that blasted us just as we were getting cleaned up. Mind you, totals were much lower for that storm, as snow removal at that time was pathetic for the region.

I would sleep later, but Becky is "essential personnel" and needs to get into work. By the time she clears out, Aaron is up. And, as my boss continually reminds me, while the office is closed, work continues. Ah, modern technology! Hopefully we will not lose power this round (we have been lucky so far).

In the meantime, I get caught up on reading and hope that we will actually have Performers Revel and that Aaron will still have Kosher Klondike with the Scouts this weekend.
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Link Harvest: NN Econ FUD, Brits on "3 Strikes"

Claims that Net Neutrality is a "job killer."

I shall get around to longer debunking with links. The short version is that companies are winding down their capital investment without any regulation for the simple reason that they don't think they need to invest more. The problem is that fantasy economics ("all regulation cost money and is bad for jobs") long ago displaced real economics (companies invest where investment appears likely to yield profit).

Meanwhile, across the pond, the Select Committee on Human Rights in Parliament has looked at the proposed "3 strikes" law and does not like what it sees.