February 10th, 2010

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Link Harvest: Loss of Copper Inrastructure Threatens Small Business


As ILECs retire copper, they eliminate competitors and impact businesses like security systems, that relied on the access to copper mandated by previous FCC rules. As always, I get a shiver of Cassandrefreude when small businesses get reminded about how much the rely on nasty bad old government to keep them from getting crushed. Keep voting Republican and supporting the your Chamber of Commerce!
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Snow Situation Escalates

Apparently, the weather patterns have played out this morning to ratchet up the level of the storm. (Tip o' the hat to goregousgary and his link to the Capital Weather gang. They have now upgraded the entire region to "blizzard warning" (previously most of the region was under "severe weather" warning) with snow falling throughout the region at a rate of 1"-2"/hr and heavy wind gusts.

Aaron cannot even get over to his usual friend, which is making work difficult. Thank God we still have power.
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Link Harvest: GigaOm on the Absence of Women CEOs in Tech

Stacy Higginbotham has this piece in response to a Tech Crunch piece on why VCs tend to fund projects headed up by nerdy white men with no social life.

Stacy argues that the perception that women will drop or downgrade their careers continues to drive decisions about funding. She argues this is more significant than the factors mentioned in the Tech Crunch article. Happily, she has the grace to note the counter-problem: we (still) expect men to sacrifice having families for the sake of their careers. This is why I keep arguing that things like the wage gap are, in fact, issues for all of us and not simply "women's issues." When fundamentals in society are driven by outmoded stereotypes, everyone suffers.