March 11th, 2010

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When pigs wrestle . . .

OK, I'm having a hard time to tel who I'm laughing at more with the RIAA calling the NAB pigs because NAB doesn't want to lose its exemption from performance revenues.

I confess, I am finding it very difficult to care about this. While I agree in principle with RIAA that it makes no sense for NAB to get by royalty free while other providers pay (based, of course, on their political power, so webcasters pay the worst rates), the persistence of payolla attests to the validity of the broadcaster argument that they convey real value and should not be required to pay a mechanical license fee. Perhaps we should give labels a "retrans" right.
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Kevin Martin Rises From The Ashes

About this time last year, Kevin Martin was the least popular man in telecom. Why? Because, as I wrote of him back then "the man who does whatever he thinks is right no matter what the cost eventually runs up a heck of a tab."

But such is life and the shifting vicissitudes of politics that Kevin Martin now seems to be having a bit of a revival. Good. Although, perhaps not unsurprisingly, there were some different perspectives covering him.