May 24th, 2010

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Link Harvest::New Evidence on Problem of Polls of Landlines Only. But What Does It Mean? has this piece on a Pew study documenting what has long been speculated -- that the failure of many polls to include cell phone numbers (which are more expensive to call and harder to get) biases polls in favor of Rs and conservative responses generally. But before liberals get too excited, the article also has some cogent reasons why this may simply be canceling out other errors.
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The Selective Stomach Blog

I'm going to put in a plug here for a food blog called The Selective Stomach by my friend Ed Sobansky, known to a bunch of others here as Master Baron Igor of Cambion (and now on LJ as igorbear).

Ed is a gourmet cook. For those who know what this means, he has his Laurel in the SCA for cooking. But this alone would not make the blog of particular interest. The interest arises from an additional factor. Ed recently had bariatric surgery. His blog goes to the question: when you have three bites, what do you do to make every bite count?

It is this additional twist that makes the blog interesting even to those who don't ordinarily follow food blogs. Sure, there is useful information and recipes. But as someone who loves good food, yet nevertheless eats a good deal of crap because it is convenient, I find myself contemplating the question of what if I was only physically capable of eating a fraction of my current intake?

In any event, I recommend it to folks whether or not they generally follow food blogs, have had bariatric surgery, or know Ed personally.