June 29th, 2010

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Music Publisher Prez: "We has met the enemy and it is [anyone who disagrees with] us."

In more silly season news, the President of the National Assoc. of Music Publishers declares in this speech that PK and EFF are evil people with secret agenda because they actually assert that file sharing helps the economy and stimulates purchase of music on the basis of something as evil and socalist as evidence.

And, a number of ASCAP members are pissed about ASCAP going after creative commons.
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Wireless Bureau Make My Head Hurt

Dear WCS Service:

Because we just adopted new, enhance build out requirements, which will not be implemented for 42 months, you are relieved of needing to show us you met the previous, weaker standard. So if you jerked around and screwed up and didn't actually build anything because you were speculating in spectrum or whatever, you now have a 42 month extension to do something. We do this in the name of spectrum efficiency and enhancing service to all Americans.

Love 'n smoochies,
The Wireless Bureau