July 1st, 2010

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The End of ADD and the Rise of SAD ("Sustained Attention Disorder")

Something I posted to another list in response to the current studies that use of computers and the Internet is actually detrimental to children and making us shallow thinkers (NPR story here, Atlantic article here). As I note below, the assumption that training the brain to think in a particular way is detrimental is based on a set of assumptions that are buried so deep most people are unaware of them. This is like tribal singers saying literacy is bad because it ruins the ability of children to memorize huge blocks of text -- the critical skill they will need for success as adults.

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My Latest 5MWHF -- Explaining Special Access

OK, this is wonky even for me. But Special Access is to the digital economy what the price of crude oil is to the industrial economy. When oil goes up, you pay for it in everything. When Special Access rates go up, you pay more for every cell phone call and every use of internet transmission.