August 26th, 2010

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Understandable, But Disappointing

I was initially stunned by the decision of the Obama Admin to appeal this pro-environmental ruling, which would allow plaintiffs to use common law nuisance claims against green house gas emitters.

Then I saw the appeal was on behalf of the TVA.

Clearly the Obama people bought the "think like an incumbent" argument, arguing that that potential federal liability outweighed the positive impact from an environmental perspective.

Yet another critical constitutency pissed off before the election.
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Down With Nasty Bad, Bad Govrnment!

Because, let's face it, what has the government ever done for us.

As the linked to article details: roads, education, police.

Happily, as tax revenues decline and states lack the power/refuse to raise taxes and fees, these extraneous services can be eliminated for good and replaced with far superior private sector services.*

We shrunk government to small enough so we can drown it! w00t! Go us!

Coming up -- I sell my own home salmonella detection kit. Don't worry, it would be government certified if the government still did that.

*For those who can afford it and where the transaction cost can be overcome.