September 17th, 2010

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Link Harvest: IBM Bets On Africa

Yes, Africa is a continent, not a country, with squindoodles of diverse, different cultures, economic conditions, etc. I would probably also exclude North Africa (from Morocco to Egypt) and focus on Kenya, Liberia, Angola, Congo, Rwanda, and a number of others I could name if I had a map -- many of which now have stable governments (and largely women led, as the surplus of uber aggressive armed men-folk that were contesting for leadership over the last 40 years have done a fine job killing each other off) and fledgling infrastructures. (I also wonder how devaluation of the dollar against other currencies has impacted their debt levels. Could hyperinflation for us be the ticket to prosperity for the developing world? And does China's currency manipulation unfairly hurt developing nations? Ah, the complexity of international finance/neo-imperialism).
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The Warren Nomination: Perhaps the Ds are learning something about this "politics" stuff

The news that the President will appoint Elizabeth Warren may indicate a non-flat learning curve. Warren is eminently qualified (although I would not be so cavalier to dismiss concerns about whether her expertise translates into building an effective agency, I do not think they outweighed her obvious positive credentials) and the logical choice. She is also the smart political choice. At a time when the Administration desperately needs to rally its base to turn out to vote, they need something to cheer.

While this would have taken the Bushies 5 minutes to figure out, it took the Obama people a long time to overcome what appears to be the core democratic instinct to piss on their base.