September 26th, 2010


Why Democrats Keep Losing

Steny Hoyer on Fox News saying Colbert Embarrassed himself at Ag hearing.

Dear Ds:

Let me explain something to you.

Here you have a guy who is beloved of your base.

He also, surprisingly, turns out to be amazingly substantive on the issues.

He is also one of the few members of the punditry willing to get his hands dirty and try to get Americans to actually look at what is going on around them.

And yes, he does this through humor. You might want to ask Al Franken in the Senate if that works or not (hint: it works).

So, of course, when the Fox News and conservative types attack Colbert, like they attack anything you do that is vaguely effective, you decide to go on Fox and grovel.

And then you wonder why none of your supporters show up to vote for you.

You . . . . are . . . . idiots . . . .

BTW, you might have mentioned that it costs "tax payers" nothing for anyone to testify. I know. I've done it.