September 28th, 2010

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Industry About To Get Rude Awakening From Tea Party True Believers

Tea Party may oppose NN compromise bill.

I shall leave aside for the moment the unified opinion of NN supporters that this bill is a total capitulation to the Bells (for which proper blame actually belongs to the current FCC Chair and Quisling Dems, who have cheerfully shilled for AT&T on this (please note, this includes "progressive" members, not just Blue Dogs). What is interesting here is that the carriers are now supporting this legislation to remove any possible uncertainty. They have proceeded in the certainty that if they signed off, the Rs and their wholly owned D subsidiaries would fall into line.

But now they discover the problem of a movement of True Believers. The carriers (particularly AT&T) poured serious money into various Tea Party funds to stoke them that Net Neutrality=government take over of the Internet. Needless to say, this fit the Tea Party philosophy very well. But now that it has taken root, the carriers discover they cannot shut it down.

Oh, the carriers may get this under control. The Tea Party Movement is young, and still chases after bright shiny objects and the occasional squirrel. Still, if the Tea Party Rs do win the projected landslide, I look forward to Club for Growth and the other business interests who have not yet fathomed that -- unlike previous generations of Republicans -- the Tea Party folks are not going to step aside when the corporate masters give the thumbs up. Mind you, it will be nasty when our economy craters the way Argentina's did, but I look forward to some serious Cassandrafreude.