October 20th, 2010

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The Wedding Dance (Jewish Style)

(Inspired by a real kick-ass wedding we attended last Sunday)

(I was going to footnote, but decided I would be interested to see who could spot all the Bible references (NB: References, not direct quotes) and cultural references. Will footnote later.)

I bid ye, Maiden of Israel, Rejoice!
Stir up the love, for it does please.
For again is heard the sound of the bride and groom
Echoing in the Hills of Judah.
The royal couple enter.
The young men seize the groom!
They delight in the strength of their youth,
As Solomon decreed.
Fathers, heads of households,
Likewise leap in the air for joy.
The music calls to their limbs:
"Remember the passion of your first days of marriage
When you would have followed your love into the desert
Even to the unplanted places"
So too the women
Mothers and their many daughters dance delight
As on the 15th of Av or the Water Drawing
Rabbis and sages, men of Torah and renown,
Prance like young bulls.
They urge one another saying:
"Did not our Master David teach us to dance before the mothers of Israel?
Come! Let us get us honor, for thus do we dance before the bride!"
Oh, if only our Joy could be complete.
That would be heard again
the sounds of gladness and rejoicing
In the outskirts of Rebuilt Jerusalem.
Blessed is the Lord who keeps his Promise!
The Guardian of Israel that never sleeps.
Again shall the Lord rejoice over us for good,
Even as he rejoiced over our fathers.
So too shall we rejoice this day
As our fathers and mothers rejoiced over us
Wherefore make a joyful noise!
Strike the drum and Sound the horn!
Let it be a good sign and a good star for us all.