October 30th, 2010

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Went to Rally. Feet Hurt.

I walked in from my home in Silver Spring, being Jewish and religious and all. I never got CLOSE ENOUGH to hear anything that was going on, or even see it. Comedy Central planned for 25K people. Attendance was at least 4 times that. For folks familiar with DC, rally, occupied the square of the mall between 3rd and 7th. When I reached White House (I walked down 16th Street), encountered huge crowds -- more than at inauguration in 2009. When I hit 14th and Penn, encountered steady streams leaving Mall at 1:30 p.m. Understood when I turned up 12th Street and saw crowd. OMG. People in trees, on traffic lights, yet, despite crowding worse than at entrance of WalMArt on Friday morning after Thanksgiving, everyone was reasonable and polite. Managed to worm my way up to 7th Street, but still could not hear or see anything. Left at 2:30 p.m. When I turned up 7th, there were huge crowds who had never made it to the Mall, some of whom were having what looked like a deliberate effort to have the gayest looking rave imaginable on a doubledecker bus made up to look like the gayest Chinese dragon you ever saw.

Then I walked home.


Must crash now, last time I walked this much was 20 years and 100 pounds ago.

Best sign for me was Jewish Ethnic: "It's [in hebrew letters] Mo'adim L'simcha [/hebrew letters] not 'happy holidays!'" on one side, with "God Hates Pork" with appropriate citations on other side.

Most popular sign: We have nothing to fear but fear itself* *and bears.