November 9th, 2010

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Link Harvest: News Corp Blames Government for Blacking Out Cablevision

In media terms, this is the equivalent of "keep government out of my Medicare." Retransmission consents is an artificially created government right. The FCC did nothing to intervene, even when Cablevision begged and pleaded. So why does News Corp blame "government?" Oh wait, it's News Corp . . . .

Besides, need to head off possible regulatory response.
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Link Harvest: Barton Promises to Conduct Useless Investigations If Made Chair of Commerce

Barton promises to investigate the dickens out of the BTOP stimulus program if he wins his fight to become Chair of the Commerce Committee.

First off, how is this any different from what Stearns or Shimkus would do? More importantly, however, the money is already obligated. It is impossible for the government to take it away at this point. The only thing Barton (or anyone else) can do at this point is cut the budget for monitoring and enforcement.

Fun times ahead.
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Why Innovation Is Moving To India And Out of the U.S.

Friedman writes this piece on how Indian entrepreneurs came up with a whole new business where they convert Kiosks into bank branches for micro transactions using cell phones.

In the U.S., we could not do this because the incumbents would not permit leverage of their infrastructure in this way. No cell phone company will permit this use of text messaging. Indeed, similar proposals have been shopped to cell companies, and blocked by them, since 2007.
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Link Harvest: Real World Stats on Internet Traffic

I love real world stats.

A few key things to note:

1. The ten of the top fifty sites were associated with software downloads, upgrades, and security enhancements.

2. None of the top fifty sites feature explicit adult content. (Porn does not drive the Internet. Really. Get over it.)

3. Use of p-2-p declined significantly as a percentage of overall traffic.