December 8th, 2010

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George Lucas Planning To Ressurect the Dead?

George Lucas buying rights to dead movie stars, according to a London tabloid. The idea would be to use special effects trickery to make them appear alive and performing.

No George! Such necromancy comes from the Dark Side. No matter how cool it may seem, especially when drunk or stoned, to say: "Hey, what if we had Orson Wells and Alec Guiness team up to fight crime with Han and Chewie, wouldn't that kick ass?" Trust me, it would not be cool. Only evil.
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Feminists "Cheer" Arrest of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

Author/activist Naomi Wolf writes this salute to Interpol and Sweden for conducting their "international manhunt" (which consisted of Assange turning himself in within 2 days of the issuance of the warrant) for "men who behave like narcissistic jerks" while dating and pretending this is the equivalent of real crimes of violence against women purely for political purposes. You go Interpol and Sweden!
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Link harvest: EU Gets It's "Whitacre" Moment

May I say how utterly delighted I will be when EU telecom providers start charging big American content providers squindoodles of money in new charges. Ain't economic karma a bitch.

American companies -- especially their lobbyists -- still think we live in the 1990s when we ran the world. Bad news, as we become less relevant economically, our ability to dictate terms to other countries diminishes.

Wanna bet this transforms the ITU from villain to hero as the only entity that can regularize the global market for interconnection?