February 21st, 2011

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It was a very nice Performers Revel

Performers Revel is the event I really try not to miss. It is held at the home of Igor and Fevronia, which means we spend Friday night with them before the event. This alone would make the event worthwhile, as they are dear friends and it is always difficult for me to carve out time to hang with friends.

This year saw a large crowd including some friends from just north of the border in the East Kingdom, as well as many local Atlantians I will not try to name for fear of leaving someone out. We had a lot of harps and musical instruments. The one downside for me was that this was a year with fairly little spoken word performance. I did the story I had prepped so I was happy on that score, and I did not lack for opportunities to sing. Unfortunately for me, my cough returned as the day wore on.

Things broke up relatively early this year, with few folks remaining after the feast and everyone scattering to their various places by 9 pm. OTOH, we also started somewhat early this year as well, so I suppose things balanced out. In any event, it was a wonderful time, and reminded me (as it always does) that I really need to get out more.