February 24th, 2011

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Need some research help for drash

I got tapped to do the drash this week for seudat shlishit. Could use some research help. I am looking for examples of places where we take precautions for those handling public funds to behave in a manner to avert suspicion. The jumping off point is Midrash Rabbah Shmot 51:6. ["Has not the neck of the Son of Amram grown fat?"] The other example I have is Shekalim 3:2, which dictates that one entering the Treasury Chamber of the Temple may not wear garments with pockets or hems. For if that person will later grow rich, they will say of him "he grew rich stealing from the Temple!" And if he later grow poor they will say of him "God punishes him for stealing from the Temple."

Any help appreciated.
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NCTA Epic Fail

the National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has filed a petition for reconsideration for requiring that the location of their head ends be included in the public database for white spaces. they argue that this is critical information that would be devastating.

Turns out they are already required to disclose this information by law.

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Just when I think Dems Cannot Disgust Me More

Was listening to NPR on way home as it finally dawned on people there may be a federal shut down. What Dems interviewed should have done was mount a strong counterargument that the House has tried to pursue a divisive social agenda under cover of budget cuts -- citing to extraneous riders and nature of cuts in bill such as anti-Planned Parenthood, defunding CPB, while simultaneously declining to require oil companies to pay money owed for delinquent lease fees.

Instead, they fell all over themselves to show how they are sooooo willing to compromise and make cuts in the CR, just not as deep as the Tea Party folks want.

Ah Democrats, already begging for a spanking in 2012.