March 2nd, 2011

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Support National Day of Unplugging

I personally commit to being totally unplugged from all my electronic devices from Sundown Friday, March 4, to Sundown Saturday, March 5. In fact, I'm even going to go 25 hours.

So, whose with me? C'mon! I bet I can name some of you on my f'list who will totally commit to unplugging from Friday night to Saturday night.

Coming up next: "Trichinosis Awareness "Unplug From Pig" Week"
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House Leaders Sore That Industry Not Mad At "Business Destroying Internet Regulation"

Republicans are utterly obsessed with the evils of net neutrality regulation. They will tell you that businesses are clamoring to have this horrible, innovation destroying, freedom destroying, terrible regulatory overreach done away with. That is why they have made it such an incredible priority.

There's only one problem. Just about every internet carrier that is supposedly being destroyed by this terrible regulation had pretty much shrugged and said: "Eh, no biggie." Republicans have responded that this is because these industries -- that had no problem being incredibly vocal the entire time the proceeding was before the FCC -- are obviously being coerced by the awful overpowering bullies of the FCC. Which, in turn, prompted the major carriers to say "no, it's just not that big a deal. Sure, we don't think a rule is necessary, but it's not a big deal."

So today, the GOP Majority Whip had a private meeting with the major carriers to scream at them and coerce them into being vocal opponents.

Because really, who is in a better position to say whether this is a big deal? Republicans trying to exploit this as a base issue, or those dumb-ass carriers who keep saying it is no big deal?