March 24th, 2011

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Link Harvest: Bell Canada CEO Accidentally Speaks Truth

Every now and then, CEOs and company reps at analyst conferences are so eager to impress analysts about how they are "maximizing value" that they forget not to say certain things in public. So it was, apparently, with Bell Canada CEO George Cope. As reported by Michael Geist, although Bell Canada insists that usage based billing is about managing bandwidth for the good of all, Cope told analysts on an earnings call last November something different. When asked about usage based billing, Cope replied: "as we see a growth in video usage on the internet, making sure we’re monetizing that for our shareholders through the bandwidth usage charges."

It's nice to be the monopoly infrastructure provider. It's even nicer to have your own pet regulator so that you can require your competitors to adopt your caps when they try to compete against them. Canada, you rock!
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Total Weirdness on Jerusalem Bomb

The more I think about the Jerusalem bombing, the less sense it makes. No one appears to have claimed responsibility. It is also odd politically. PA has been making major gains politically with recognition or close to recognition by a number of Latin American countries led by Brazil.
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