March 29th, 2011

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Not sure which is worse about this

Not sure what I find worst about this this Washpo piece:

1. That it is pretty clear that Fox News Vice President Bill Sammon knew he was talking bullcrap when he speculated in 2008 that Obama was a Socialist.

2. That it subsequently became part of the national dialog anyway.

3. That in a 2011 interview with the Washington Post, Bill Sammon says he does not regret doing it because it worked so amazingly well and all the national media just ate it up with a spoon despite a total lack of any corroborative evidence.

4. That, despite the fact that Bill Sammon is utterly unapologetic, defenders of Fox will seek to discredit the whole idea that he was making shit up because the initial tape was released by Media Matters.

5. That, in the end, no one will care and not one thing will change in how Fox makes crap up, the mainstream media gobbles it down unquestioningly, and this shapes our national policy.