May 6th, 2011

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An Interesting Little Thing

The Washington Post had this profile of Terri White, an actress in musicals with an up and down career (noted as a rising star on Broadway, then couldn't find work, spent some time homeless, got back in the biz, just finished with a Broadway revival of Finian's Rainbow). What was interesting (aside from the story itself) was this tidbit which appears about two thirds of the way through (it being the turn around point).

Meet Donna Barnett, an inextricable part of the Terri White story now. “I’m the show,” says White, “and she’s the biz.” Barnett designs jewelry in Key West, Fla., but lately she has picked up the management side of White’s life — fielding correspondence, booking gigs, learning on the fly. The two were married last year, and now they’re together wherever they go.

What is interesting is that, until very recently, this would have been the lead. Indeed, it would almost certainly have been the story. Now, it is just part of the narrative.

Little things. But the I enjoy savoring little things. They so frequently go unnoticed.
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Mozilla Faces Down DHS

For awhile now, the Immigration, Customs Enforcement (ICE) Authority at Dep't of Homeland Security (DHS) has been seizing domain names for sites it claims provide access to infringing material. Someone developed an extension for Firefox called MAFIAFire that seemlessly reroutes users for any domains so seized. As related in this TechDirt Piece, DHS demanded Mozilla take down the extension. Mozilla responded with this excellent request for further information from DHS to "help [Mozilla] evaluate the request."

Nice to see someone stand up for due process.