May 13th, 2011

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Link Harvest: How Congress Plans To Mess With DNS Routing

As reported by my PK colleague Sherwin Siy, the Senate is once again considering a bill that would allow copyright holders to go after "rogue websites" by pulling routing information out of the DNS. Last year this was a bill called COICA. This year, it has been renamed "The Protect IP Act" (PIPA) and while it has been modestly tweaked in a few places, it is still the same basic plan to fragment DNS in the name of copyright protection.
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Help me come up with Econ Trash Talk For My Debate on Wed.

As I announced over here, I will be taking it to the belly of the Libertarian beast on Wed. to debate whether the wireless is a complex system of interconnected markets where behavior is further governed by a variety of other issues or whether the fact that MetroPCS advertises in most markets and has a whopping 1.5% of the market proves that the wireless market is so ubercompetitive that the only reason anyone would say otherwise is that they are radical socialists out to push their job-destroying agenda. So I need some good trash talk when I face off against the opposing team at the Mercatus Arena. So far all I've thought of is:

"Your grad students are so dumb they think enhancing Pareto efficiency is a progressive rock band."

"Your sister is so slutty she's a public good."

Anybody got any others?