May 24th, 2011

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Link Harvest: The UK's Hargreaves Report on Copyright

It confirms many of the points that PK makes regularly with regard to the utter lack of evidence about the nature of losses reasonably attributable to infringing copying. More importantly, it embraces the need for copyright exceptions as critical to fostering culture and commerce. It concludes that the UK's recent digital copyright law totally sucks rocks, and resulted from lobby money not any real evidence.
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Link Harvest: DOJ Refuses to Answer Basic Questions from Domain Name Holders About Seizures

According to this piece by Mike Resnick, the Department of Justice is stalling judicial challenges to the seizure of domain names by simply refusing to notify the name holders of any details, including the legal basis for the seizure.

Makes me so proud of our legal system and our government. At least in a Banana Republic you know who to bribe and what the rates are.
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Cantor: No Aid for Tornado Victims without offsetting budget cuts

Heh. Sucks to be poor in the Red States. Hope them folks trying to pick up the rubble of their lives keep voting to cut the safety net. It just makes 'em soft and dependent.

OTOH, I believe the GOP are authorizing an emergency air drop of copies of Atlas Shrugged to remind victims how lucky they are to be denied federal aid.