July 13th, 2011

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Do Monkeys Have Copyrights?

A fascinating turn of events on Tech Dirt. First, they do a story on photos taken by monkeys when a professional photographer left his camera out. This was followed by the publisher to whom the photographer sold the photos sending Tech Dirt a claim of copyright.

What is interesting is that the photographer has stated that he never intended the monkeys to take the photos. He left the camera out, and they took the photos. This, in my view, removes any argument that the photographer was the "author" and he was working through the mechanism of using the monkey. The monkey is a free lancer, and the "author" of the work.

Should be interesting to see how a court handles this one!

"The witness will refrain from any further flingage. Counsel may proceed with the examination."
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Interesting in Wisconsin

Apparently, the Republican strategy of forcing a primary before the recall election did not yield any upsets. Democrats defeated "fake/protest" Dems by huge margins, despite the ability of Rs to vote in D primaries. It also appears to have left the D candidates with significant campaign funds.

I don't think Rs are doing themselves favors with these tactics in either the short term or the long term. From what I can tell, it tends to piss off the independents and energize the Dems. It also generates significant local press (although national press is mostly non-existent).

It will be interesting to see what happens in the Midwest generally as the R agenda advances through local state houses. It is unprecedented that we have seen such homogenization of party platforms on a state-by-state basis. Traditionally, while parties share overall goals, local conditions have significant impact on implementation. This appears to have virtually disappeared, at least on economic issues.
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Anyone have a software/ap recommendation?

I am getting a number of requests wrt Aaron's bar mitzvah for ride coordination/info and, for folks who will be in town Friday night, meal coordination. I would like to enable folks to make their own contacts/arrangements. Can anyone recommend something (preferably web-based) that would allow me to put people in touch with each other?
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The new Pravda on Debt Ceiling

I continue to marvel at how rapidly the media is shifting gears on the debt ceiling. Gallup, however, shows that most Americans still oppose raising the limit although the majority apparently agree with the President on relying primarily on spending cuts with some tax increases rather than relying on spending cuts alone.

Yet I cannot help but feel like I live in the universe of The Marching Morons, where a few weeks of mainstream news could convince millions that we have always had colonies on Venus and they should move there.