December 7th, 2011

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Meet the Newspeak

This is a rather interesting piece from Republican Language Guru Frank Luntz on how to message in 2012.

What has made Republican messaging so effective is that they constantly study and vary the messaging with the changes in circumstances. Dems, by contrast, are idiots when it comes to this (if I had longer, I would explain how and why Dems are so consistently moronic on messaging). OTOH, Obama seems to be repositioning himself, so we'll see. It's a mighty long way to November 2012.
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Link Harvest: Krugman asks why economists misrepresent work of others

In Policyland, nobody reads this stuff. They just cite it. It is extremely easy to lie. And apparently, there are no repercussions in academia for producing work that would get a grad student kicked out of a program -- provided the work is done on commission in one's "consulting" capacity and is not submitted to a "real" journal (feel free to publish in a Law Review or something not considered "real" by your department). It is a gentleman's agreement in the profession that allows the folks who move in Policyland to make a nice living.