January 19th, 2012

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Harry Reid and Hollywood Hell Bent on Killing Democratic Party

I cannot believe this idiocy.

Harry Reid is still planning a cloture vote on Thursday.

Republicans have now figured out that this is (a) enormously unpopular, and (b) a perfect chance to run against Dems for a "culture of corruption."

Mitch McConnell just tweeted that Reid must stop this "Democratic plan to censor the Internet."

But Reid, Leahy, Shumer, Gillibrand, Feinstien, and Boxer are insisting on holding the cloture vote with a managers amendment. They are pushing Dems to use weasel words about working to "address concerns" so they can vote yes while pretending to oppose PIPA "in its current form."

So on Tuesday, if nothing changes, Harry Reid will hold a vote. Mitch McConnell will stand to protect the freedom of the Internet from corrupt Democrats, drunk on Hollywood money and government power. If Rs whip on this, Reid will lose the cloture vote and McConnell will be the hero of civil liberties on the Internet. If Reid wins the vote due to a handful of R defections, then John Boehner will pledge that the bill will not come to light in the House because Republicans are not corrupt lackeys of Hollywood. Again, the Republicans will be the party of free speech and civil liberty defending the Internet against big government Democrats with their crony capitalism and culture of corruption.

And the worst thing? THEY WILL BE RIGHT!!
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No flies on Rs

Here is a clip of how the R Presidential candidates responded when asked about PIPA/SOPA.

Note the audience booing Anderson Cooper when he shills for his parent company Time Warner.

Note also the audience cheering Ron Paul about forming coalitions with Democrats to preserve the Constitution, because "freedom and the Constitution bring people together." The Republican base hates PIPA/SOPA so much, they will even team with Democrats to defeat it!

As Molitos points out at Daily Kos, it is hard to believe Dems can be this stupid.

And for those interested, please read this blog post from my colleague and Hill expert Ernesto Falcon on how to tell when your Senator or Representative is really planing to vote for PIPA while pretending to say no.