April 26th, 2012

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Anti-CISPA Movement Grows, Interesting Development

The growing success of the anti-CISPA protest has some very interesting consequences short term and long term. First, it cements Rep. Ron Paul as the leader of a left-right coalition centered on Internet freedom. It also indicates the ascendancy within the WH of the Internet Freedom/Techie faction over the security faction -- a remarkable development given where this Administration has been previously. It may presage a core zone where a handful of bipartisan legislators can restore the bipartisan nature of tech policy.

Most importantly, it significantly undermines the myth in DC policy circles that the anti-SOPA movement was either an astroturf effort by Google and the tech industry (which supports CISPA, or is carefully neutral on CISPA) or a fluke. From a personal amusement perspective, watching the Tea Party and the Progressive Netroots in parallel play keeps flashing me back to B5 Season 4 when the Narn and the Centauri condemned Earth in parallel statements -- but NOT ON THE SAME PAGE.

Hopefully I will find time to blog about this in more detail later.