June 3rd, 2012


Shayera Mighty Huntress Post

I iz Shayera, teh Mighty Huntress, but my two-footed Daddy calls me his naughty girl.

Teh Saba and Savta are here, and brings lots of hunty toyz to play with. Last night I finds a hunty toy that waz beautiful. It had tubeses! I chased it around teh Saba and Savta room and when I catches it I brings it downstairs and shows it to two-footed Mama.

The two-foots all get very excited. They say it belongs to the Saba and is a hearing-aid, 'cause hoomans haz round ears that not work as gud as pointy ears ('specially when dey gets old). So the Saba puts this in his ear to hear better. They says it costs lots an lots of hooman moneys, so it a gud thing I finds it and hunted it for them! They waz so happy. They kept turning it over and looking at it and stuff.

Two-foot daddy says I waz very naughty punished me with lots of lovies. So I hunted him a special stuffed baseball hunty toy, cauze he is taking Aaron kitten to baseball game today.

Who iz bestest hunter? I iz!