June 22nd, 2012

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For Those Following The ITU "Internet Take Over" At Home

I will confess, I ranked "the International Telecommunications union" as last on my list of "professional things I might end up spending a day doing interviews about." Even then, I would have guessed it was for the radio portion, not the telecom portion. But that was before the ITU launched its fleet of black helicopters to capture the A Root.

While the DNS is probably safe, there are proposals that create serious concerns for a number of reasons. So for those interested in playing along at home, here is a translation of terms and what they actually mean.

"Member states shall cooperate to achieve . . . ." means:

Even if you totally hate what we do under this provision, you have to help us do it. Nyah nyah.

"Member states and/or operating agencies shall maintain Quality of Service/shall have the right to establish Quality of Service/Just about anything involving QoS."

We/our telecom carriers want to soak Google and other edge providers. Screw this network neutrality stuff. Best efforts is for losers.

"Member states shall have the power to determine authorized routes for internal/external/international communication to protect QoS/security/prevent fraud/whatever."

Great Firewall of China no longer a human rights violation but a sovereign right to be respected under international law. Oh, and U.S. State Department, stop funding technology to route around state censorship blocks. On the plus side, makes SOPA-style blocking easier for Hollywood.

"Member states shall take steps to eliminate misuse of numbering resources to prevent fraud."

No more anonymous speech so that our secret police or the MPAA can track you down wherever you are.

"Member states shall have the right/responsibility to disrupt network operation to prevent civil insurrection or for other reasons of national security."

Stupid Twitter revolutions. Facebook status update: you are so blocked.