July 2nd, 2012

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We weathered the weekend well

Realized that some will not have seen our Facebook update Saturday Night. We are, thank God, doing fine.

For those not regional, we had powerful storms here Friday night which knocked power for over a million people in the mid-Atlantic region. This was followed by hot, humid weather. We lost power when the storm hit, but were fortunate that our power came back on are 2 p.m. Saturday. (As is often the case, our block came on and the rest of the neighborhood did not. We appear to be on the same circuit as a traffic light on a major artery/emergency route that gets prioritized (I think a senior center/rehab clinic is on the same circuit). So I have power but Seth and Karen, three blocks away, do not. Nor does my brother and his family, also only a few blocks away.)

Our damage was limited to some trees which, happily, fell into each other and away from the house. We also sustained what appears to be relatively minor damage to the siding, the pulley system for our built in succah was completely blown off. We have contacted insurance and they will send an assessor, but they were honest that because our house is livable it will likely be some time until someone can get out to us. They also said that because the trees did not hit the house, we will need to pay for the clean up on our own. All things considered, we got off very lightly and are most grateful.

It is a good thing we did not try to go to Novice Tourney. We would have been stuck all shabbos with no event (and probably no tent or even running water). Sorry we missed Concertino.
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Link Harvest: Jonathan Krohn, Conservative No Longer

A fascinating article in Politico. Krohn achieved brief fame in 2009 when, at age 13, he attended CPAC and made an impromptu speech as a call to arms for conservatives. A video of this went viral, prompting Krohn to author a book called Defining Conservatism which was promoted by serious conservative thought leaders such as Newt Gingrich.

But then a funny thing happened. Krohn started reading a bunch of non-conservative thinkers on general philosophy. He then realized he really didn't know enough at age 13 to have definitive opinions as he had expressed and that he was merely repeating what he heard from others. So he decided to take a step back, do some deep reading and thinking, and take the time to formulate his own ideas.

Krohn does no claim a conversion. Rather he claims he could not possibly have known enough at age 13 (or even now at age 17) to know with certainty what he himself really thought and believed. A few interesting tidbits.

1. Krohn attributes his initial speech and certainty to being "inundated with conservative talk in Georgia" and then gradually realizing that while he "knew enough to talk about" things, he didn't "know enough to have a conversation."

2. Krohn encounters the modern frustration of being pegged in some people's mind as permanently the 13 year old in the video. This problem is not unique to Krohn. It has always been a problem in the sense that many people form opinions about you and then ignore any changes. But the Internet culture, with its ability to capture an isolated moment in time, create instant fame, and trap that moment in digital quality forever has added a whiole new dimension to this.