July 5th, 2012

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Axis of Awesome: Four Chords

My brother just introduced me to these guys. This song reminds me of the old filk "You can sing anything you want to Alice's Restaurant." It's the costumes that make this video so special, tho.

Bonus points for identifying every song referenced.
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It's A Beautiful New Post-SOPA World!

Six months after the global consciousness raising exercise that was the fight against SOPA/PIPA, we are starting to see some real changes. The European Parliament has rejected ACTA overwhelmingly, while the USTR has embraced limitations and exceptions as a "valuable part of the copyright ecosystem." As I explain in this blog post, this creates an opportunity for civil society to exert some serious pushback on Hollywood's anti-innovation agenda.

And please don't bother to explain how much of a fight we have, etc. Duuuuhhhhhhhh . . . . It does not take genius to see that the Intellectual Property mafia are still strong and twice as determined as ever before. What is different is opportunity -- for those who know how to exploit it.