August 19th, 2012

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Paul Krugman notes that Ryan is an "Unserious Man" because his proposals are not even trying to make sense as a matter of economics. As I noted before, the sad thing is that Paul Ryan is what passes for serious in policy circles not because of the actual merits or even if the logic holds together, but because we have lowered our standards to the point where anyone who is actually willing to say "this is what I would cut and here is how much" is considered "Serious."

I wish it were not so. I wish that magic math got you a dunce cap instead of a mensa award in Policyland. But I routinely deal with this crap and it gets treated with seriousness even when it is obviously bologna.

Cue Professor Farnsworth.
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My Vacation in Policyland

I am once again at the Technology Policy Institute (TPI) conference in Aspen. Details hare. Yes, in theory I am on personal leave from work to figure out how to keep my job from killing me and stuff. This means that I was able to limit myself last week to only 15 hours of work and three calls to the FCC.

Did I mention I also suck at diets?

But anyway, TPIAspen is different because they invited me, which means they paid to fly me to Aspen and stay in this really nice hotel. I am staying over a few extra days to hike with my father. Plus TPIAspen is kinda like a con for policy wonks. We all get together at a hotel and have panels and write fanfic (except we call them "white papers") and have live action role playing games (which we call "federal rulemaking proceedings") and I can tell who is happy with my blog/fanzine and who isn't by who is polite to me. Now if we just had the policy equivalent of filking and the Hugo Award.

Oh yes, and they get me very nice kosher meals from Denver. Yum!

In any event, I will try to have fun and not do too much work. Starting by soaking in this extra large bathtub.