October 31st, 2012

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Pissed at Progressive Reaction To Christie

We often bemoan how poisonous our politics have become. "Why can't Republicans even acknowledge when Obama does something they want?" We ask.

So Christie thanks Obama for doing his job. It's the right thing to do. Christie makes a point of being effusive about it because you get what you reward and Obama deserves thanks for stepping up. That doesn't mean Christie thinks Obama did a better job than Romney would. It doesn't mean Christie is throwing Romney under the bus. It doesn't mean Christie did anything political. It means that Christie, whatever you may think of him otherwise, HAD THE GRACE TO SAY THANK YOU PUBLICLY TO A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT -- JUST LIKE WE ALL SAY WE WANT TO SEE. Without caveats, without insults, without damning with faint praise. A good, honest thank you that should be a model for how you behave as a governor when the President helps you out.

How likely are we to see that again any time soon, given this reaction?

To use my favorite Professor Farnsworth line: I no longer want to live on this planet.