January 17th, 2013

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Cassandrafreude: Definition

Cassandrafreude (n): the bitter pleasure of things going wrong in exactly the way you predicted, but no one believed you when it could have made a difference. A portmanteau of Cassandra, the mythological Trojan princess, and schadenfreude, a German word meaning deriving pleasure from someone else's pain.
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Feeling So Rorschach Today

Well, got my blog post up on the Netflix thing.

Got one to two queries on Twitter from some of the people most adamantly opposed to FCC jurisdiction in this area (when it was about regulating the cable guys) asking how I could support this if it is bad for consumers. My response is, regardless of whether I approve or not, the FCC has been rendered quite powerless to do anything.

What was that Rorschach quote in issue #1 of Watchmen? "And I'll whisper . . . no."