February 22nd, 2013

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A good week for Snarky Wonk

I was asked for a reaction to the recent report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) that the FCC is "the third most expensive" agency in terms of costing industry and estimated it cost industry $185 billion (approximately) to comply with various FCC regs (largely in forgone profits, apparently -- which is actually a good measure of monopoly rents if I believed it).

My response? As printed in Comm Daily today.

"I can make numbers up too," Public Knowledge Senior Vice President Harold Feld said in response to the report. "I estimate that responding to nonsense like this cost government agencies millions of dollars, and costs the public billions of dollars in lost economic activity and direct cost to consumers. Mind
you, I just made that up, but it seems about as reliable as CEI's estimates."

But the "summer camp" line about the ITIF report showing that our national broadband is not so bad compared to other nations for Ars Technica got a lot more play.

All in all tho, a good week for Snarky Wonk.
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How Many Principles Are There For the IP Transition? The Sages debate . . . .

R' Katz said: There are 3 Principles of the IP Transition, Competition, Universal Service, and Public Safety. These correspond to the three pillars on which the Communications Act stands.

R' Rosenworcel replied: Are not Universal Service and Consumer Protection 2 distinct principles? For you must protect those consumers who have access already. So there are 4 principles. Competition, Universal Service, Consumer Protection and Public Safety. These correspond to the four principles of transition: "And I shall take you out, and I shall save you, I shall redeem you, and I shall take you to the land of IP as promised to your fathers."

To this R' Feld said: But are not network reliability and public safety different principles? For surely the network may be reliable, but lack features such as 9-1-1, or have 9-1-1, but go down in severe whether. Moreover, there are 5 principles of transition, for does it not say "and I shall take you to the land promised your father's, *and* you shall enter? Therefore there are 5 Fundamental Principles of the transition: service to all Americans, Competition and Interconnection, Consumer protection, Network Reliability, and Public Safety.

And AT&T said: Meh, whatever. Wake me up when we get to the afikomen and I get to ask for my present.