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I surrender
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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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Ha-Internet B'svhil Sex
At Freedom 2 Connect yesterday, one of the speakers opened with an attempt to get the audience to sing along to "The Internet Is For Porn." Apparently, I am the only person who (a) knows the words, and (b) is utterly unashamed to sing them in public. Since I am the only person who shouted "for porn" at the appropriate points (or maybe everyone was just impressed with my Trekkie Monster imitation).

In any event, my thanks to la_peregrina for the pointer to this in Hebrew.

Which reminds me. gnomi, am looking for the clip from Srugim with Avrshalom Kor. Thanks.
There is an evil under the Sun, and a vexation of spirit
I have noticed a disturbing trend, but perhaps not a surprising one. Indeed, it is not surprising at all. But everyone appears surprised.
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