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I surrender
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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

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I Defend Tom Wheeler for FCC Chair
Obama has appointed Tom Wheeler to replace Julius Genachowski as Chair of the Federal Communications Commission. On the one hand, I am extremely sympathetic to the argument that "Republicans appoint radical ideologues who get to totally deregulate and restructure everything while Democrats appoint centrists, when the heck do we get a real progressive!"

OTOH, just because Wheeler represented the cable industry and then the wireless industry more than ten years ago does not make him tainted for life. In particular, the accusation that he would have approved the ATT/TMO merger out of sympathy to AT&T and a general pro-industry anti-regulatory bias is, I think unfair.

Along the way, I defend people who write long-winded wonky blog posts and then have people read waaaaayyyyy too much into these and then have people totally take them out of context to impute all sorts of moral values and positions to you that you TOTALLY DO NOT HAVE AND NEVER EVEN IMAGINED people could have thought based on what you wrote. Because dude, they are blog posts, not legal filings.

Not that I am projecting. Much.

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