June 10th, 2013

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Problems for me for Conterpoint

The universe conspires to keep us from Conterpoint this year. Likely I will only manage to be there for Saturday night and part of Sunday.

Going into Conterpoint, I am coming back from a trip out to LA and will be arriving Friday afternoon. This would not be a problem, except that we failed to get our reservations in to get a room at the hotel where the con actually is. It being Shabbos, we can't use one of the backup hotels. Since I will have been away the week before, I'm not going to default to my previous plan and see about sleeping on someone's floor and have Rivka join me Saturday night.

Sunday night is our synagogue banquet, so we will end up missing the dead dog.

Sadness. But hopefully we will get to some of the con.  
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Just Saw Star Trek Into Darkness

I actually enjoyed this one more than the first of the reboots, primarily because J.J. Abrams dialed back the crazy action and whacky camera angles enough for me to actually see some of the characters and decide whether I cared if they died or not.

That said, the only way to enjoy this movie is to not worry about the fact that the plot makes no sense and treat it almost like some kind of fan video. I found myself humming over and over "if you're wondering how that can possible work, and other science facts [la la la1] just repeat to yourself 'it's a TV show (well movie)' I should really just relax. With Star Trek Science Fiction 3000."