July 24th, 2013

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Thought for the day . . .

"The most perilous moment for the revolutionary is when he begins to have enough power to make change, but not enough power to force it. That is the moment of greatest vulnerability. You will know you have achieved this when your enemies start to try to co-opt your efforts as their own."

From Maud'Dib, Where the Heck Was I Going With This? The Unpublished Spice Beer Essays by the Princess Irulan
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More thoughts

"The baby that asks 'Mommy, why is the Emperor naked?' gets shushed -- and usually paddled when they get home. The fellow who yells 'Idiots! The Emperor is naked!' gets ignored if he's lucky, dragged off and beaten if he's not.

"Nine times out of ten, the one who usually breaks through the Will to Conform To Expectation is the wit who mutters in a stage whisper: 'If that's all there is to the royal scepter, then God save the queen!' The Emperor has to pretend not to notice, but once someone starts giggling there's no stopping it."

From The iPad of Lazarus Long